City Spice on Brick Lane

One of the things to tick off your London adventure list is to have a curry on Brick Lane. It was the Bangladeshi community who first brought the curry houses to Brick Lane and today there are so many choices to choose from on Brick lane, Hanbury Street and Whitechapel road.

One, called City Spice, situated on Brick Lane itself, near the Vintage Market, has been hailed the King of Brick Lane. I went for lunch one Sunday to check it out for myself.

The cuisine is classic Bangladeshi curry house dishes and they feature some of their award winning dishes on the menu too. Whilst we pondered about what to order, we nibbled on some Papad and an assortment of chutneys. The restaurant itself is lovely, spacious, recently refurbished and the staff are really attentive and friendly.


I have a particular love for food cooked in a Tandoor and so we decided to try the Paneer Tikka. The paneer was marinated really well in a spiced yoghurt sauce and was served with onions and a fresh salad. It was delicious, smokey and melt in your mouth.

Amit loves Kebabs and so we decided to try the Kebab Cocktail, which had an assortment of chicken and lamb tikka with kebabs. It was really good and I loved the variety.

For mains, upon recommendation from the owner, Amit opted for the Sylheti Lamb Shank, which was hotter than the other choices on the menu. This dish is tender lamb shanks cooked Bengali style whereby they are slow roasted with aromatic herbs, spices and saffron. Amit loved this and he said the pieces fell of the bone wonderfully.

I went for Butter Chicken and I am pretty predictable with my orders! It was sweeter than the Indian version of the dish, cooked in a mild sauce, and I loved the buttery flavours and the chicken was cooked perfectly.

Both of us are more bread than rice fans so we went for naan breads, which were lovely, fluffy and warm.

A side of mixed raita was a welcome match for the dishes with its cooling nature and a must have for every meal.

We really enjoyed our meal and were so full we couldn’t even manage dessert! The menu is extensive and there are really good choices for both  vegetarians and non-vegetarians. They are also very flexible when it comes to dietary requirements and allergies.

If you haven’t had a curry on Brick Lane yet, City Spice is a lovely restaurant to have your first experience. For more information go to

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